Date & Time: Monday 1st October 2007.

Location : Druidston Haven, St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire ( SM 862 168 )

Places visited : Newgale, St David's and the St Justinian section of the

Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : A grey day with a westerly coastal breeze.

"Stonescape" on Newgale beach

Day 4.



Red sky last night obviously doesn't apply to sea folk on the west coast this morning as we've woken to grey skies and a keen sea breeze.

Nevertheless we've decided to drive over to St David's and walk one of our favourite parts of the coast path.

This is Newgale Beach - looking south towards Rickets Head - Druidston is just beyond.

There's a reasonable surf and the wind is whipping the tops off the waves.

To our right, the rest of the beach and the village of Newgale.

The yellow building is the Duke of Edinburgh Pub and the road runs along the back of the beach, between it and the pebble bank.

St David's village Green and the Cathedral.
The old St Justinian's Church on the headland.
St Justinians is also home to the local RNLI Lifeboat.
Sea cliffs as we start our walk along the coast path.

Pembrokeshire's National Park encompasses the coastline of this western end of Wales.

It's no wonder it's a national park with scenery like this.

One of the fast inflatables cruises the Ramsey Sound . . .
. . . and provides entertainment for visitors to the area.
We are keeping an eye out for seals and their new pups . . .
. . . and sure enough there's one on the beach below.

The seal pups are usually born in September and remain on the beaches for the first three weeks of their lives.

During that time their mothers will provide them with very rich seal's milk and they will grow fast, ready to take to the cold water within a month of being born.

During this time the mothers will be hunting for food for themselves and can often be seen either on the beach or close inshore.

Ramsey Island and the coast about is a vitally important area for breeding colonies of the Atlantic Grey Seals.

Penrhyn Twll and the southern end of Ramsey Island across Ramsey Sound.

The reef known as the Bitches stands out halfway across the sound opposite the farm on Ramsey Island.

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Two seals glide through the still waters of a rock inlet on the end of the headland.

While on the beach, a large and older seal pup lays on his back in a scene of utter contentment.

Utterly content too, Ann relaxes on the wall opposite the narrowest part of the sound.

Carn Llidi is the volcanic peak ahead of us on the way back.
The fast inflatable Ribs - available for hire !

Returning to the start of our walk

we took the opportunity to walk down the steps to the Lifeboat House.

The old boat house sits at the back of the slipway but the new boathouse stands on stilts ahead of it.

The 'new' boathouse is still old enough itself to have undergone refurbishment in 1998.

Click here or on the logo above for their web site.

The Tyne Class Lifeboat "Garside"
The superstructure folded prior to each launch.

The Tyne class is a slip-launched lifeboat, manned entirely by local volunteers and funded by donations from the public.

It is ready to launch at a moments notice, has a range of about 240 miles and is crewed by a team of six.

Now they looks powerful !
Moored boats through the stilts of the boathouse

Inside the boat house, which is usually open to the public during the day, there are pictures and reports from their many rescues

and an interesting collection of archive photos like this one of the station, it's boat and crew.

RNLB Swn-y-Mor 1936-1963


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