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Date & Time: Saturday evening, 11th August 2007.

Location of Start : The Yew Tree Inn, Seatoller, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : An evening climax to a busy weekend.

Dined with : 28 members of the Online Fellwalking Club.

Weather : Didn't matter - we're Indoors.

The Yew Tree, Seatoller - English by day - African by night.

Picture courtesy of the Honister Web Archive - many thanks :o)



After a rather successful weekend exploring the Honister Slate Mines we all met up at the Yew Tree in Seatoller, the village at the head of Borrowdale Valley where the road starts over Honister Pass.

Time to get smartened up, dig a little deeper for that clean pair of trousers, or even deeper for a bright blue shirt !

Evening Freddy - glad you could make it.

Must be about eight thirty as the tables behind are cleared ready for our group of twenty eight.

Enjoying the atmosphere, David and Jennifer, Anne, Nigel (standing) with Matthew (his son) presumably showing him a photo on his camera.

Jill B is certainly giving Peter a peek at her's too, in the nicest possible way, of course !

Pam and Mike settle in for the evening.
Jill showing me it was a camera she was pointing at Pete.

Andrew, Ian and Geoff, all looking rather reserved, or is that just the table ?

Perhaps the couple behind were hoping for a quiet night out together. Hope we weren't too disruptive.

Seated now and chance of a photo before the next course arrives.

Barry  is first up on the left, Liz seated first on the right.

Andrew is in the pink shirt and Anne just beyond him. Stephen and Stuart are nearer to the camera.

Looking the other way, Jennifer is chatting to the young lady from the Yew Tree.

( May we say at this point that the service we received during this evening, and for that matter every time we contacted the Honister Staff, was excellent.)

Freddy amazed at his chicken dinner - or was he mesmerised by the candle ?
Having stared at her meal, Jill is trying to work out what to do with it !

After dinner they both seem well pleased - the food must have been good.

John and Liz relaxing in the evening atmosphere.

Nigel "don't pop that flash gun in my eyes" Bachelor.

On a rather less rowdy table, Andy and Richard . . .

. . . and Tracy firmly clutching her bottle - of water !

Andrew testing to see how hot the flame was . . .

but Ian seems entirely oblivious of Andrew's impending educational experience.

Mark and Geoff, by the look of the spoons are waiting for pudding.

John shows his Pete his photos of the Via Ferrata . . .

. . . trying to subliminally influence him in case he announces a photo competition next week.

Peter very kindly presented Ann and myself with a framed pen and ink drawing of our dog Harry.

Mark Weir and myself at the end of the evening. He had been even busier than us this weekend but still managed time to come across to talk to the group.

He also presented us with a book and DVD which were excellent.

Mark seems to have Mike in a headlock !

He also found a rather nice Honister Slate Mines polo shirt for me, which will have pride of place in the wardrobe from now on !

Finally all twenty eight, including Jo, Anne and Ann here, managed to chat the evening away till it was finally time to go.

Pete's framed memento (on the table by Jo) will have many members reaching for the picture hooks when they get home.

It will certainly be an evening ~ and a weekend ~ to remember.

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon Ixus Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . space for 28 at your dinner table.

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