In Yorkshire for a few days to visit our daughter Paula and son-in-law Al, and grandchildren Thomas and Abigail.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and chance to relax in the garden. Jenna has made it up from Peterborough too.

Thomas dressed in his cowboy outfit, has a choice of horses to ride today.

Whether they will let him, I very much doubt.

Thomas and Abigail on the small slide.
Abi, minus hat, ready to go.


Jenna, our other daughter, attends to Abi's hair . . .
. . . but only Mum can do it properly !!


That's better
Thomas with Bethan

Thomas will be seven in July.

Jen will be a little older . . .
. . . by quite a bit !


The weekend is time to relax, as Al and Abi are doing quite successfully.

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