Date & Time: Sunday 15th October 2006. 11.15 am start.

Location of Start : Jubilee Bridge, above Brotherilkeld Farm, Eskdale, Cumbria Uk. ( NY213 011 )

Places visited : Jubilee Bridge, Harter Fell, below Demming Crag, Hardknott Pass, Mediobogdvm, back to start.

Walk details : 4.25 mls, 2100 ft of ascent , 4 hrs 20 mins.

Walked with : Jill Rowland, Jo Hall and her dogs, John Paterson and his dog, Terry Bottomley, Ann and our dogs.

Weather : Warm and sunny, hazy visibility, particularly into the sun.

Group shot to start the walk.


Roger was at work today, so I was entrusted with the 'family jewels' ( his camera !) for the day.

Four happy fell walkers at the stile above Jubilee Bridge. Jill, Terry, John and Jo with three of our doggy companions.

View of Eskdale with the Scafell ridge and Upper Eskdale in the background.

OFC Moisturising Section ~ sun cream division. None for Megan and Jodie though !

Ascending the western side of Harter Fell.

A hazy Green Crag in the background as we make our way steadily towards the summit.

Jo and Terry
John and Jill

Jill and John wait below as our second summit party reaches the top of the crag.

Jo reaches across on the narrow summit crest.

Feeling on top of the world !


Harter Fell.

Terry looking happy to be there too.

Bethan catching a dog nap after eating her lunch. Polly looks on behind.

Leaving the summit rocks, we start our descent.

Wrynose Bottom with the road over to Wrynose Pass is in the distance.

Jill. Jo and Jodie admiring the view back towards Harter Fell .

We reach the road on the Hardknott Pass.

A short road walk followed before we set off across the fell side towards the Roman Fort seen in the distance.

Terry takes a photo opportunity atop a rocky outcrop.
Terry with his equipment, a camera and tripod.

Jill and Terry making their way through the dying bracken.

Hardknott Fell, and the panorama across the road to the rocky outcrop of Demming Crag and on to Harter Fell.


Soon we arrive at the Roman Fort.

Jill examining the plaque at the entrance to the Granary building.

The visibility improved as the afternoon drew to an end. Here the Scafells as viewed from the Fort.

All that remained was a short walk back to the car.

John and Jo, with Polly, Jodie and Megan.


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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . four friends and five dogs.

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