Date & Time: Thursday 3rd August 2006. 10.30 am start.

Location of Start : Car park opposite Wha House Farm Eskdale, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 200 009 )

Places visited : Upper Esk Valley, Lincove Bridge, Sca Lathing, Great Moss, Cam Spout, Foxes Tarn, Sca Fell, Slight Side, Cowcove Beck and back to Wha House.

Walk details : 9.5 mls, 3290 ft of ascent , 9 hrs.

Walked with : Jo Hall and her dogs Megan and Jodie, John P and Polly, Ann, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Hot and sunny with a slight breeze. A perfect walking day, the best this year.

Lincombe Bridge in Eskdale ~ on the way to Scafell.


A group photo to start : John P, myself, Ann and Jo.

We started with a short walk along the road to the phone box at the bottom of Hardknott Pass

and then took the Brotherilkeld farm road in order to continue up along the Esk valley.

On past the farm and up the valley, with Bowfell forming a dramatic landmark ahead.

Fine views too, as we look back down the Esk valley from above Heron Stones.

Blue skies, green grass and beautifully clear water.

The Tongue Pot pools just before we get to Lincove Bridge.

I've swum here with the kids many years ago, and it has always been a popular place with the locals, but today there was only one family enjoying the water.

The old pack horse bridge ~ as good an example of a stonework bridge as you will find anywhere.

Strong enough . . . .
. . . despite it's narrow width and low parapets.

Ahead was the first serious bit of climbing of the day, following the Esk up into the upper part of it's valley past several delightful waterfalls.

Views forward were limited until we reached the top of the slope, when the panorama of Upper Eskdale slowly revealed itself.

Scafell Pike with Ill Crag to the right, behind Sca Lathing, the darker crag in the foreground.

A little higher up the views were even more extensive and now included Slight Side and Scafell itself.

The rock in the foreground is the same one as the previous photo.

Sca Lathing Rocks as we reach the level ground at the top of the Esk Falls ravine.

Gentle walking again as we progress alongside the river.

Behind is Crinkle Crags and the ridge leading down to Ulpha Fell.

Green Crag provides a dramatic backdrop as John crosses a stream.
A deep, straight and extremely inviting looking section of river.

Too inviting - we just had to stop and gain some respite from the heat of the day, and take time to look round at the wonderful scenery.

Click here or on the photo for the view from the pool !!

Back on the move as we pass Sampson's Stones.
Cam Spout Waterfall ahead

To reach Scafell we now have a second climb, alongside the waterfall, and towards Mickledore high above.

Ann is dwarfed as she climbs alongside the high falls.
Impressive amounts of water today due to recent rain.


Half way up the falls we stop for a quick breather.

The Great Moss and the Upper Esk spread out below. This must be one of the most remote regions of the Lakes.

Purple Heather blooming alongside How Beck.
Scafell East Buttress, dramatic and imposing.

We had been climbing steadily up towards the Buttress, but turned left at this point in order to locate the start of the Foxes Tarn Gully.

The gully, shared today with a small stream as we climbed.
A slow but steady ascent as we help the dogs up the minor scramble.

Foxes Tarn, the smallest named tarn in the Lakes, reflects the intense blue of the sky.

A final climb to the top of Scafell . . .
and on top now, looking north over the Scafell Crags.

This was Deep Gill where we could look down on the West Wall traverse which crosses the green section below.

The dark diagonal shadow beyond the grass, and in front of the central rock, is the upper section of Lords Rake.

Scafell Pinnacle, with the North Western fells beyond.

Lunch with a view ~ of Scafell Pike !

The big flat rock on the eastern edge of the Scafell summit area proved an excellent place for well earned refreshments.

A wider panorama included Esk Pike, Bowfell, Crinkle Crags and Wetherlam in the distance.


The Scafell summit itself, from Symonds Knott, the secondary top.

Jo sitting on Scafell summit cairn, taking in the extensive view.

A slight breeze has meant an extra layer of clothing was needed, but it was still warm in the bright sunshine.

Great Gable with Lingmell in the foreground, a classic mountain view from the top of Scafell.

Wast Water, Middle Fell, Buckbarrow, Seatallan, and down to the west coast beyond.

The darker cloud just under the blue sky was in fact the top of the Isle of Man, standing clear of a slight sea haze.

A low cloud skims the top of the fell above us as we head down for the lower summit of Slight Side.

Wonderful views as we descend the ridge.
Scafell Pike on one side, Burnmoor Tarn on the other.

Our way ahead was temporarily obscured by a passing low cloud, but it didn't last and normal views were soon re-established.

Scafell from Long Green, the intermediate peak on the way down the ridge.

Our route up earlier in the afternoon can be seen beyond the crags to the right.

Harry, however, was looking ahead for clues as to where to go next.

We would descend down to the lighter, yellow moorland grass, and then cut across slightly left to the crags in the distance.

Slight Side has now been left behind as we make our way down.

Scafell and Slight Side, looking back.

The final route down through the crags was a little confused, due to the bracken and perhaps the fact that the route directly back was not the most well used of descents. Still, by staying above the out-take wall, we found our way along the hillside until the route down to the cars here at Wha House became clearer.

7.30 pm. The sun was getting lower in the sky but it had been a tremendous day's walking, with possibly the best weather so far this year.

Fine weather, good visibility and a classic route all came together to give us a really good day out.


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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

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