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Date : Sunday 19th September 2004 ( the third Sunday in September )

Occasion : The Borrowdale Show.

Location : Rosthwaite in Borrowdale.

Walk details : Here and there, in a leisurely way.

Weather : Grey with occasional showers, but the weather held back for most of the show.

Following the poor weather at the Loweswater Show hopes were high for the following Sunday at the Borrowdale.

The Show is held in the fields beside Rosthwaite village, close to the car park, the Flock Inn and the pathway over to Castle Crag that we walked just a few weeks ago. A great setting for a local show - right in the heart of the hills.

The Show Ground.

From the Beer tent on the left to the Crafts on the right. The tents in the foreground are the "Made in Cumbria" stalls selling everything from prime steak to Christmas puddings.

The Craft tent.

The show season is a chance for the local craftsmen and women to display and sell their wares.

This show, unlike Loweswater has no "Industrial Tent" showing local handicraft, so the main marquee is used for commercial stalls in a similar way to the Barn last week.

A display of walking sticks.

Two fine examples of the craftsman's trade.

The Senior Fell Race, from the showground to the top of Dale Head and back.

A good turn out for this local traditional event.

The route was to take them across the valley and up past Rigg Head Quarries onto the ridge. From there they climbed to the summit of Dale Head before returning to the showground.

The race was was won by Jim Davies of Borrowdale with Jonathon and Gavin Bland not far behind.

The winner completed the course in just over 45 minutes!

Do't think I could match that !

Another local tradition.

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling

Young starters.

The basic rules are that competitors clasp hands behind the other persons back, and the winner is the one who overbalances the other such that he falls and hits the ground first. Best of three falls wins.

Several age and weight classes competed and there was also a competition for girls.

The white costume with colourful shorts is the traditional dress code.

Cool weather conditions meant that the hot refreshments tent was a winner.

This one was run by local parents and raised money for the local school.

Shearing Competition.

Each shearer had three sheep and a set of hand shears to complete the task.


The commentator and "voice of Cumbria", Glenn Tubman, asking one of the competitors (Mr Bland Senior) about the complication of shearing sheep with a dirty fleece.

One finished the fleece must also be rolled and tied to complete the task.

The Prize Cup was awarded not just for speed, but also on the presentation of the fleece and the condition of the sheared sheep afterwards.

The other events included sheep dog trials and children's pets competitions, hound trails and Duck Driving.

Duck Driving ?

Yes - you read it correctly.

An exhibition event of geese and duck handling by one of the UK's premiere Sheep Dog handlers, Mr Tom Langdon.

A good natured show following the format of the more traditional sheep event.


Twelve ducks this time, and the task was to "shed" or separate the six white from the six coloured ducks.

One more to separate . . . easier said than done.

Note the smaller size pens and gates to define the course.

Fortunately the weather held off for most of the afternoon but several larger gusts caused problems for some smaller exhibitors tents. The rain was not a major problem (they are used to it in this, the wettest valley in the UK) but it did cause the cancellation of the Tug-of-War due to slippery grass.

The event was well organised and well supported but a little sunshine would have been nice !

Book the third Sunday in September 2005 in your diaries.

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