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Time : Wed 28th of April 2004

Place: Silver Howe, Grasmere, Cumbria

Occasion : An afternoon walk with Anne and Andrew Leaney, Ann, Holly and Harry.

Walk details : A chance at the first unsupported attempt of a Wainwright Peak by Harry, our new golden retriever pup.

Weather : Overcast, cool in the summit breeze.

Silver Howe rises above the village of Grasmere and is the destination of this afternoon's walk.

In the village the cherry bursting into flower and the vintage car add a welcome splash of colour to the proceedings.


As we climbed out of the village we passed the farms around Allan Bank. Here the lambs are growing in size and growing in confidence.

As we passed these two saw no reason to move despite our passing. Perhaps they saw our two dogs as rather different types of fluffy sheep and therefore no threat. We were delighted that Harry behaved impecably as we passed.

Behind, in the sunshine, is Seat Sandal.



Helm Crag showing above the cottages near Allan Bank.


A certain pop star is reputed to own this house above Grasmere. His view extends across the valley to Fairfield.

Follow my leader. Don't know why she's here but I might as well follow in case I learn something new.

Look . . . I've found a set of wellies in the mud

An unusual double wall system isolates the field with the tree from the rest of the fell.


Ann and Anne walking above Grasmere Village.




The two dogs pose for a photo as we pass the Juniper trees.


Harry's first named summit deserves two photos.

This one with Anne Leaney and myself . . .

. . . and this one with Ann, on the summit of Silver Howe.

Only another 213 to go !

Man at work . . . Andrew ventures to the side to get a better view of the four Lakes.


Juniper Bonsai Tree growing out of a crack in the rock.

Its size reflects the lack of nutrients, but is fine testimony to its ability to survive at all in such an unusual place.

Back to the village and another fine cherry tree,

this one across the green from the Heaton Cooper Studio in Grasmere.

After and excellent meal at the Lancrigg Vegetarian Country House Hotel we travelled back past Thirlmere

where the last of the evening light was reflected in the relatively calm waters of the lake.


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