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Time : Tuesday 5th April 2004

Place : Loweswater, Cumbria. Uk.

Occasion : A Day at home . . . .

Walk details : This and that, here and there, including a local walk with Ann and the dogs

Weather : Changeable, overcast with occasional blustery winter showers and brilliant evening sun.

Holly and Harry

The lambing season is once again upon us and as such could be considered the start of the new farming year. All around the lowland fields are full of sheep, with the first new lambs of the season showing their faces.

The field next to the cottage has first year lambing sheep. Despite being surrounded by animals, we have yet to see one actually giving birth. This ewe had been in labour for some time and was alternately lying down, standing and pacing round, just trying to get comfortable. Normally labour could be as short as an hour, but being a novice mother she was taking longer.

However it was felt that she was taking a little too long so William intervened with a gentle helping hand.

Having caught the sheep with dog and crook, he eased the fore-feet and head out and the rest was simple.

Presented to mum the lamb took its first breath.

The yellow is the mucus coating which the mum must clean off so the lamb's coat can get dry in order to cope with any cold or wet weather.

William retrieving his crook from under mum's head

Time to leave them in peace to get on with the job in hand.

Success - and hour later Mum and lamb doing well.

Meanwhile back at home . . . .

What of our little one ?

Brave words of defiance towards the cat - or is he just asking her to play ?

Whatever it was, there is no mistaking this one - dinner time please !


The afternoon turned into brilliant sunshine and a fine spring day. The clear air after the overnight rain meant that the lake was a deep cobalt blue, reflecting the bright blue of the sky above. A great day to introduce Harry to the local tracks and fields.

Half way through the walk we turned to see a large black cloud approaching from the north. Needless to say we got soaked by the passing blustery shower and the weather cleared again just after we made the sanctuary of home.

Evening light now at about 8pm. . . . . What we call the "Ayers Rock effect".

The low evening sun shining deep yellow over the fells turned all the tops a fiery yellow, then as it set further the colour became a rich pink and shining from underneath the clouds to the west, it turned the whole valley red.

Above is Grasmoor with the shadow of Melbreak.

This week I spent several full days in the garden, to hopefully introduce a little colour in time for summer.

Now it was time to sit back and relax, like Bill and Ben here. (Pity they couldn't see that beautiful colour)

Oh well . . .work tomorrow !


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