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The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





The final week(s) . .a sort of "week eight" but longer. This will be the last epistle of the series.

To go into the infinite detail of our home improvements since week seven,

would be as interesting as watching paint dry ! ! !

but here a a few highlights of the post Christmas period.

Ron reaches new heights cleaning and painting the sitting room ceiling

Colin wonders whether the door for the new food cupboard will fit through the arch !!


And Jeff, his son and fellow joiner attacks the bedroom, making a mess not equaled since week three.

Having cleared the first set of boxes, there was enough room in the sitting room

to bring the Honister stone indoors, and to have another go at progressing the fireplace.


While Ann deals with buckets of paint, I progress using buckets of sand and cement.

( I'm sure that TV shelf isn't level )


The fireplace is complete and the wall plastered,

and Ann tries hard to mop the dust from yet more workmen's visits.


Cleared at last, and waiting for the removals van.

Topping out . . . contract completed to Time.


Jenna's visit sees the arrival of the house contents back from store, and the ceremonial lighting of the fire,

( the carpets acting as floor loungers tonight )


Its February now, and we had yet another fine weather forecast, so out with the paint brush.


time to paint the new gable, and touch up all the other lumps and bumps around the outside.



Indoors we have progressed a pace . . . .


and now have and a good potential drying room for rainy days, a spare bedroom for guests,


and a sitting room to entertain them in.

The list of jobs is now down to one side of an A4 sheet, and most of them are minor items.

We can start to relax, chat to the neighbours, and enjoy our new surroundings.


We hope you have enjoyed these eight weeks of pictures, even if the last pictorial week was slightly longer than the others !!

None of this would have been possible without the help of our builders and contractors.

Many thanks to :-

Richard Mottram and Pete, our builders.

and Allan Sykes, for help with the original plans.

To Jonathon (Sounds Electric) with his lads (keep it up Ryan)

John Potts and Mike at Cockermouth Kitchens

Colin and Jeff our joinery experts

Eddie the plasterer, Eddie 2 the kitchen fitter, and Frank the Tiles

to Cleelands Furniture and Carpets, Elliot & Black, Nicholson Upholstery, Horizon Bathrooms,

Keswick Superglaze, and Steels Removals.

Finally to Ron Biggin, painter extrordinaire

and all those for security reasons we are requested not to mention here !!

Thank you all.


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