Oak Cottage - Loweswater

Retreat to the quiet of the Western Lakes

The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





Week Seven. . . . We've turned the corner !!!


Progress in the utility (boot rack and coat hooks) and some paint in the loft bedroom.

Frank's done the bathroom floor, and Colin the basin.

While I'm slaving away in George Fishers,

Ann and Ron the painter, are busy working, to get things ready for . . .

The Carpet Man . . (sound of fanfare off-stage!!)


First the underlay . . . Big move - sanity for Christmas is in sight.


Then the main carpet, and some furniture from Cleelands.

(Doesn't matter if they are meant for the other room, at least they're clean.)

(and who care's that the TV isn't working yet)



This allows the bedroom to return to a semblace of order . . . . . . and allows us space in the sitting room again,

as we start to unpack and store items away. Look a fireplace, windows, and through them a view of the long awaited return of the Red Squirrel, back at last for some food from our feeder

End of week seven - time for a Christmas break.


Loweswater lights - courtesy of Muncaster House.

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