Oak Cottage - Loweswater

Retreat to the quiet of the Western Lakes

The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





Week Five . . . .

Sunday - the start of the week - sees Colin in the utility.

Monday's mixer day - Lounge & Patio doorways, and a new corridor step by the bedroom.


A significant day in the kitchen - the dishwasher works - no need to wash up all the coffee mugs !!!

All we need now is a bathroom tap.

Watch this space !


Thursday 12th found me in Swansea, to complete the sale of the Swansea House.

On my return we ( I, and the dogs and cats! ) had lights !!!!

And whats more, we had light switches that worked them !!!!

(First time for about three and a half weeks)

The Lounge had imported some antiquity, in the shape of Oak Pillars,


And the kitchen, now with all its lights, was ready for someone to cook in.

End of week five . . . won't be long now for tiles and a lick or three of paint.


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