Oak Cottage - Loweswater

Retreat to the quiet of the Western Lakes

The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





Week Three . . . . An early start.

. .

7 am no less, due to a fine forcast.

Cutting and punching 2nd hand Honister slates

bought from Graythwaite Farm recently. They should match well.


Early Morning turned to day, making the electricity redundant.

Size-ing, cutting, and punching the slate, ready to be nailed in place.

(We now have a "gortex type" breathable roof lining underneath the tiles - very posh)

Final Fix, selecting and fixing the slate in position.

The Gas Man Cometh . . . Two bottles please !

Inside, the loft bedroom takes shape.

Richard working in a noisey environment, hence the ear protectors.


Wiring emerges through every wall.


Working late last evening meant the kitchen was one step nearer being clear,

ready for our next deadline . . Mon Dec 2nd . .(I hope the Electricity Board can move the meter by then)


Home from a had days work to find two less light bulbs working and no back door.

Good job I'm in control . . . I am in control . . . aren't I ???


Cutting in the socket boxes, and generally enjoying making a mess.

Couldn't move for workers at one point . . . builders, electricians, and house alarm guys

End of the day tidy up !!! (After the event, believe it or not )

Home from a hard day's work Friday . . . to find . . . no sink, no cooker, no ceiling lights,


Still, managed a meal, and I'll wash up in the bathroom

Sorry - no chance

But the bedroom cieling looked nice ! !


Saturday was showery, with occasionally sunny periods - Views from the finnished roof.


Found these on the camera - A rainbow over the skip - a good luck omen ?


That was the week that was . . . the end of week 3.


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