Oak Cottage - Loweswater

Retreat to the quiet of the Western Lakes

The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





All that in week One . . . . What next . . . . . Read on . . . .

Sunday 27th was a quiet day with only the boss working.

I looked, but there was no Grand Inglenook behind the Gas fire.

So what was needed was a hearth Stone . . . . Maybe, behind the shed . . .


Behold my hearth stone, and the Loweswater Railway lives for a day.

Stone Age techniques, with liberal application of school physics

( It was the Welsh that built Stonehenge anyway !! )


Terminus of the Loweswater railway. The Hearth Stone in place, and a possible fireplace idea.


Keswick SG team arrive

All change - the Sitting Room gets a new window, and the Lounge a Patio Door. I'm sure the Rose will grow back !!.

The RSJ slipped in at high level, you can hardly see the join.

That allowed the centre roof purlin to be removed for. . .

. . . the roofing crew to fix the main Velux.


The Corridor looses its ceiling, but gains a roof.


The completed Velux windows, front and back, for the Loft Bedroom.

The Archers, a tale of everyday working folk (Peter)


Tommy the Bricky - keeping his work under wraps till the end.


The Old Kitchen just had to go - but not quite yet.



Late Saturday Afternoon - don't forget to allow time to look arround.

End of Week Two


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