A Loweswater Walk

16th February 2002

A Loweswater Walk

Weather: A cloudy morning but dry.

Location: Loweswater, in the northwestern part of Cumbria.

Walk: A 3hour walk through farmland then skirting the fells, returning via Loweswater itself.

Walking with: Ann and the two dogs (Layla & Holly)

16th February 2002


The start of the walk - Oak Cottage - opposite the phone box in Loweswater

Sat 16th. The skies were cloudy, but the weather dry.

Here one of the best views of the valley - the Pub - (oh yes . . and the church)


Spring is in the air - but a few weeks later than down south.

The prominant mountain of Melbreak, seen here from High Nook Farm.

In their back garden, "I see at once, a host of . . . . . . white snowdrops."

(the Daffs are shooting up but not yet in flower)

Loweswater just missed the cull zone, even though many farmers suffered just as much as those that lost stock.

Winter feed here for the luckier sheep


Come on . . .I thought we were going for a proper walk !!!

Above High Nook Farm is the classic corrie-lake called Burnmoor Tarn.

The zig-zag path behoind, leads up to Blake and Burnbank Fell.

Gathering the flock above Loweswater. Time to persuade them into the intake field.

A panorama from above High Nook << Low Fell, Whiteside, Grasmoor, Melbreak, Hen Combe >>

(with apologies for not having a stitch prog to match them up)

Top of the valley take a right over the stream and follow the bridleway around the hill,

towards a farm known locally as Fangs Brow, about two miles further on.


Looking west we get distant views across the Solway to Scotland !

Loweswater itself, surrounded by a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woods.

Our route took us right here, and down throught the trees.


Hidden in the woods are the falls of Holme Beck. Holme force is a small gem, falling from the crags above and diving under the little footbridge, before flowing into Loweswater itself.

The main section (centre picture) is about 15 feet tall, and the whole falls must be over 100 feet top to bottom.


Holme Wood Bothy, on the southern shore of Loweswater woods.

An annexe for the cottage ???

The walk out - here the National Trust offer boats for hire - in the season - but not today.



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