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Dad's Birthday May 2001

To celebrate his birthday, P.P.R & S clubbed together, at vast expense, to give Dad a flight over Swansea and Gower.

== ooo ===

The Plane was a four seater, flying out of Fairwood airport, offering trial flying lessons and sightseeing flights over Gower, (or wherever you wanted)

The half hour flight took is down the Lougher Estuary, to the north of Gower, round Burry Holmes and Worms Head (Pic) and back along the south coast to Mumbles

From there it was once round the bay and back over the docks.

We waved to Gareth at the Radio One concert at Morfa, circled Dad's and our houses at Glanmor, and then returned to Fairwood via Bishopston

Safely back on 'terra firma' it was off to a Pub lunch followed by a concert in town for 2.30 pm.


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